Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Not the best day...

The power is off today (tree trimming) making it hard to do any work. So I thought I'd take some pictures using the new timer. Hooked everything up, and found that the trigger had stopped working. Got out the multimeter to try to work out why, and found that it seems to have stopped working too. Went out and bought a new one, and discovered that is faulty too - but at least it worked well enough to work out why the sensor had stopped working (bridged a track while adding motor support to the timer board.

By the time I'd got all that sorted out I didn't have any energy left to take any pictures. And if I did, I'd probably find the camera was broken. Some days are just like that...


Ricky said...

Hi Richard,

My name's Rick, I'm a studio photographer based in London. This is going to sound like an odd request, but I cam across your comment on phifact.com about flash triggers, and was wondering if you'd be in a position to help me.

I've got a project coming up quite soon (!) that requires the use of a device to trigger a studio flash pack (3.5mm jack or hot shoe) using a broken beam setup with a laser pointer. I hardly ever need to do this kind of stuff, and last time I did I borrowed a trigger from a friend who has since moved.

To cut a long story short- do you have such a device up your sleeve, and would you be willing to rent me one for a weekend? I realise you're probably not in London, but obviously I'd cover the cost of getting it to me and back to you via a reliable method, if we could work something out.

If you think it may be a possibility, get back to me at mail@rodrickbond.com and we can go from there.

Cheers, Rick.

Ricky said...
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